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Theses from 2018

Disambiguation, Emily Baer

Seize, Lindsey Barlow

The Anatomy of Melancholy, Carina Bissette

We Will Not Turn Back, Minerva Canto

Womb Begone, Jess Flarity

Beyond My Ken & Kin of Cain, Kenneth Gardner

Hair on Fire: Essays from a Life, Lee Kahrs


Through the Cracks, Kate Kastelein

Whatever Gods May Be, Meredith Elizabeth LeMoine MacEachern

Discovery Through Multi-genre Writing: A Collection, Kristin Leonard


The Yelping: Essays and Stories, Anthony Marvullo

Renewed: Erasure as Cultural, Political, and Personal Reclamation, Vanesa Cristina Pacheco

On the Dotted Line, Daien Sanchez


Nocturnes, Timothy G. Scheidler


Bones I Found in the Garden, Alena Indigo Anne Sullivan

For Others Undiminished Somewhere, Ruth Elizabeth Towne

Theses from 2017

Three Scripts About Women, Allen Robert Baldwin III


Nature and Other Mothers, Chelsea D.G Bartlett


Garden of the Stars, Peter Adrian Behravesh


Tributaries, Ryan Brod

A Season in Jannah, Mary Louise Carter Kilmon


Questions, Challenges, Changes, Patricia L. Casey


Returners, Brenda Cooper

Sad Magical Creatures: Stories Inspired by the Journal of Fantastical Zoology, Emlyn Dornemann


Dawn’s First Light, Joshua W. Gauthier