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Theses from 2019

Ontologies of the Unknown, Julie Adamo

The Rules We Follow, Golden Baker

James and Natasha and Other Tales of Loss, Love, and Discovery, Kathryn Marie Balteff

Seize, Lindsey Christina Barlow

Disorder: A Novel, Emily Bernhard

Wired for Fear, Lee Bodkin

Raised by Wolves: Essays and Poems About Parenting and Being Parented, Jennifer Brooke


Too Cool, Lillian Margaret Cary


Validation Set, Christine Corbett Moran

Hunt Trail: A Novel, Katherine Elizabeth Cosgrove

My Name Is Not Flann Davigan, Devin Donovan

Writing the Underdog, Darcy Lee Duda

An Observation of Beautiful Forms, Teri Lynn Elam

Body War, Catherine Ellis Chambers


Birdman and Other Essays and Stories, Lo Galluccio


Tales from a Secondhand Minivan / War Child, Jennifer L. George

Grubstaked, David Edward Grubb


Time Away, Loren Hart Francis


Belledame, Savannah Fenn Hughes

The Stories in Our Bones, Jennifer Ihasz

Ring Around the Realm, Monica Jimenez

Back Kingdom Road House, Shellie Anna Léger

Bodies of Water, Emily Ann Levang

Wildflowers in Death Valley, Sarah Mack


Swimming in the Rain, Aryn Adriana Marsh

Whip Stitch, Becca McGilloway


Leaving Limbo, Martha McSweeney Brower


The Eternal Waters, Heather Meeks

The Not-So-Simple Truth, Jean Mullins


When the Redbud Wilts, Heather Dawn Mydosh


Shark Bite Capital of the World, Elliot Northlake

Bye, House, Chelsea Laine Smith

You've Got to Get A Life, Pamela Stutch

Running Alongside My Father, Donald Sumner Mullen

Night of the Living Rez: Stories, Morgan James Talty

Beyond the Page, Rhiannon J. Taylor

Whish & Wilder / The Hungry Grass, Nitasia S. Timms


Gifts, Lyndsey Kelly Weiner


Forest Circus: Short Stories, Sidney Woods

Theses from 2018

Disambiguation, Emily Baer

The Anatomy of Melancholy, Carina Bissett

We Will Not Turn Back, Minerva Canto

Womb Begone, Jess Flarity

Beyond My Ken & Kin of Cain, Kenneth Gardner


Hair on Fire: Essays from a Life, Lee Kahrs


Through the Cracks, Kate Kastelein

Whatever Gods May Be, Meredith Elizabeth LeMoine MacEachern

Discovery Through Multi-genre Writing: A Collection, Kristin Leonard


The Yelping: Essays and Stories, Anthony Marvullo

Renewed: Erasure as Cultural, Political, and Personal Reclamation, Vanesa Cristina Pacheco