Stonecoast MFA Theses and Capstones

The University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast MFA Program in Creative Writing combines the energy of a forward-thinking low-residency program with the solid educational excellence of the very best creative writing programs in the nation. Stonecoast is one of the nation’s leading low-residency MFA programs, ranked in the top ten low-residency programs by Poets&Writers since 2010, and is known for providing a superb, open-minded, and progressive education in the art of writing. Learn more


Submissions from 2013

Prayers for the Stolen, Jennifer Anne Sibley Clement MFA

More Than Just a Pretty Face: An in-depth exploration of how birds are smarter than you think, Julianne Cronin MFA

Darkness Wasting: Stories, Katie Elizabeth Crumpton MFA

Our Lady of Fatima, Heather Cyr MFA

Homemade Rodeos, Kerri K. Dieffenwierth MFA


Born with Their Hearts in Their Mouths, Karin Serpentina Eberhardt MFA

Leapfrog, Jane Ellingwood MFA

Whisked: Book One of the Inter-Dimensional Space Kitten Saga, Katrina Michelle Ellyson MFA

Welcome to the Food Chain, Ed Ferrara MFA

Tim Gunn Would Be Crying, Karla Michelle Fossett MFA

How the Light, Yvonne Garcia MFA

Gravid, Teal Gardella MFA

Night at the American Theater and Seeing the Elephant : A Stage Play, Alexandria Giardino MFA

Wild Song, Terri Glass MFA

A Little Heart Thing, Penny Guisinger MFA

Bedlam Corners, Kelli Hadfield-Faherty MFA

Teetotalling with Detective Brandt and Other Stories, Drew Hekler MFA

Flowers of Ink in a Cold Red World, Sarah Steinberg Heller MFA

Collecting the Ashes, Amanda Mercedes Johnston MFA

Killer Gig, Michael L. Joy MFA

The Book of Seasons, Rebecca Susann Kightlinger MFA

Confluence: Where Motherhood and Story Meet, Andrea E. Lani MFA

Sign of the Gypsy Queen, Thomas Morrissey MFA

Waiting to be Filled with Rain, Casey Moynihan MFA

The Last Valkyrie and Tales of Dyrfinna, Frank Nadeau MFA

Plumes, Mary Heather Noble MFA


Steady Song of the Heart: Memoir and Meditation, Susan Jean Perschbacher MFA

Joe Fortuna, Tony Pisculli MFA

I Was Human, Meg Reynolds MFA

Making It Fly, Julia Welch Ridge MFA


The Coded Lair, Julie Poitras Santos MFA

Baby People: On Becoming the Woman I Never Knew I Wanted to Be, Katherine Sargent MFA

Chasing Sheep, Chuck Smithson MFA

Strange Monsters: Stories, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam MFA

The Midnight Thief, Emily Swartz MFA

The Lost Colony, Andy Wales MFA

An Excerpt from Mercenary's Trust, Johnathan Warner MFA

Madder, Marco Wilkinson MFA

Diagnosis, Renee S. Young MFA