The Population Health and Health Policy (PHHP) program at the Cutler Institute conducts policy-driven research, evaluation, policy analysis and technical assistance focusing on the public health system and the delivery of healthcare services. Our research is conducted in the areas of healthcare access, quality and financing; public health systems and practice; and rural health.

We focus our work in the following areas:

  • Healthcare Access, Quality, & Financing
  • Public Health Systems & Practice
  • The Maine Public Health Institute
  • Rural Health



Innovative Practices in Nursing Homes, Andrew F. Coburn PhD, A. Bernard, Freda Bernotavicz, Julie T. Fralich MBA, and J. Thompson

Containing Health Care Costs: Issues and Proposed Legislation for Maine Conference Proceedings, Andrew F. Coburn PhD, Julie T. Fralich MBA, Nini McManamy, Donna Roberts, and Anne Bernard