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Faith: Emma Jackson


Faith: Emma Jackson



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Emma Jackson (age 62; March 14, 1941 in Atlanta, Georgia; married with three children; lives in the Lewiston/Auburn area for 45 years; lived in Maine for 46 years)

Interviewer: "Is there anything else you'd like to add to the interview? Any other reflections or comments?"

Emma Jackson: “It's been a wonderful. I mean, I've enjoyed -- I've really -- I love this area. I love living here. I love -- and people here, ah, once they know you -- once they know you, they are -- they are just people…And you become a part of the community. Although now I have friends, I have, ah, nephews and things that have been in and out of jail and all. But that's a lifestyle that they are leading. Now, once they get over into that lifestyle, certainly you going to find – you going to fall victim to more and more things that are happening in that drug scene and all that. But since I've never -- we've never -and, ah, as I said, my son was in it. Thank God he came out of it. But the girls were never in that. They never were involved in anything like that. So on the whole it's been a beautiful life. But, then again, God has been in charge of our lives…We were in the church, and always have been in the church. And we looked to God for our source. And you treat people like you want to be treated. And you accept them as fallen human beings. They're frail. They're human beings that have weaknesses…And they're -- they're sinning. A lot of things that you look at and you know that the people are living in sin. They -- that's -- that's what they know. That's all they know. That's the way they been brought up. It's been a very good life. I -- I've -- well, I -- I don't -- and I been in the south, and my sister's still in the south. And I've -- we've traveled all over. I can't imagine living anywhere unless God led me somewheres. But I can't imagine living anywhere else.”

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Faith: Emma Jackson