Jackson, Emma

Jackson, Emma


Maureen Elgersman Lee


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Emma Jackson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1941. She and her husband John Isaac Jackson had three children, and at the time of the interview she had been living in the Lewiston-Auburn area for forty five years. She spent the first ten years of her life in Maine doing domestic work, and then worked in the nursing field for thirty years, at a number of different facilities owned by Central Maine Medical Center. She discusses her life in Lewiston, challenges in finding housing she and her husband faced when they first moved to the area, prominent African American citizens and businesses in Lewiston, her husband’s career in area shoe factories, and her religious life and family history with Christ’s Temple Church.


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Lewiston, ME


1941, Athens, Georgia, South Folton High School, Spelman College, Edward Little High School, Virginia, Pineland Center, Leona Knowles, Bates Mill, Christ Temple Church, Pinley’s Corner, Ku Klux Klan, Auburn, shoe factories, domestic work, nursing, Cummings family, Bishop Aradee Williams

Jackson, Emma