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2022 Thinking Matters Symposium

Josh E. Libby

A Crack in the Glass Ceiling: How TRIO Programs in Maine are Narrowing the Gender Gap

Michelle Richards

A Model for Equity in Arts Education for Youth in Greater Portland, Maine

Catherine Scheirer

A Review of the Effect of HLA Genotype on COVID-19 Severity

Natalie Chalfant

Analysis of Preload in Bolted Joints Under Impulse

Albert Dusseault

Assessing the Impact of Inequality on Political Activity and Class Consciousness

Matthew Prouty

Autonomous Navigator Mobile Robot Upgrade

David Sansoucy

Conceptualizations of love in social work: A naturalistic inquiry

Galen Perkins

Courageous Followership and Leadership in Higher Education: The Professional Relationship Between Presidential Assistants and Their Leaders

Lisa Smith

COVID Susceptibility and Severity Correlation with the ACE2 Gene

Natalie Taylor

Creating a Healthy Rural Ecosystem for Community Vitality: Developing Rural Community Business Research

Karalyn Kutzer, University of Southern Maine
Dr. Emily Newell, University of Southern Maine

Exploring Current Administrative Practices in Academia

Jacob Theriault

Genetic Diversity in Helianthus annuus: Selective Breeding and Induced Mutagenesis

Dillon Holton

Identifying the Support Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Maine Need from Each Other and Their Communities to Thrive

Lisa Luken, University of Southern Maine

Implications of Self-Care for Clinical Social Workers

KateLyn Costa, University of Southern Maine
Joelle Cote-Powell, University of Southern Maine

Increased risk of mental illness due to epigenetic alteration of the NR3C1 gene after early life adversity.

Erin McCue

Political Attitudes, Outward Aggression, and Self-Directed Violence

Christopher Holloway, University of Southern Maine

Reproductive Justice: Sacred Activism in Two Dimensions

Kathleen Dodge

Substance Use & Misuse Disorder Among Immigrant Youths

John Sebit
John O. Sebit

Substance Use and Misuse Among LGBTQI+ Adolescents

Delaney Dow
Katherine Buzzell

Targeting the needs of aging LGBTQ+: Addressing barriers to healthcare access

Susan Wiley
Danielle LaChance

The Effect of Contingency Management on the Recovery of Patients with Substance Use Disorder: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Emily A. Gilman, University of Southern Maine
Alexis McCrossin, University of Southern Maine
John R. Massey, University of Southern Maine

The Effects of Paclitaxel on Cellular Migration and the Cytoskeleton

Ashley Salguero-Gonzalez

The Invisibility Aspect in Language Acquisition Among Native American ELLs

Nadine Bravo

The Transmission of Intergenerational Trauma: Conversations with Mental Health Professionals

Donnielle Woods MSW Candidate, University of Southern Maine
Kayla Horner MSW Candidate, University of Southern Maine
Adam Quinn Ph. D., MSW, University of Southern Maine

'There is No Cause, There is No Effect': Experiences at the Intersection of Transgender and Neurodivergent Identities

Natalie Bornstein

Thinking Matters Poster - Applying UDL in Online Courses

Mike Matis

To Adopt Blockchain Technology or Not: Is the Decision-Making Process Immune to COVID-19?

Rebecca Jauch

To what extent has COVID19 impacted substance use among homeless populations in Portland, Maine

Daniela Mason
Madison Chadbourne, University of Southern Maine

Veterinary End-of-life Care and Euthanasia in the Age of Covid-19: A Qualitative Study of Provider Perspectives

Elizabeth Chalmers
River Hodgdon

What About the ‘R’ in RIOT? : A Comprehensive Examination of School Psychologists’ Record Review Processes

Hannah Luken, University of Southern Maine

What is the Cause of Blue Eye Color in Humans?

elaheh seddiqi

Women and Gender Studies and the Potentiality of Feminist Leadership

Clara Perka

Word Order Variation in "the Canterbury Tales"

April Kurtz

Working with Interpreters in Refugee Mental Health

Kerstin Kirchner