The LGBTQ+ Collection preserves the history of the LGBTQ+ communities in Maine by collecting material produced by organizations and individuals. This physical collection also contains a book collection, is rich in both archival and personal papers, and contains a collection of photographs documenting the LGBTQ+ activism in the 1990s.

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Annette Dragon Papers
Annette Dragon moved to Portland in 1990, began work in a camera store, and started shooting photographs for the local gay paper – Our Paper – in 1991. She also became a key activist in ACT/UP Portland and co-founded the queer monthly APEX, which had much more radical content than the other local choices.

Betsy Parsons Collection
Betsy Parsons was a teacher in the Portland Public Schools and a Board member, GLSEN-Southern Maine (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network). She also served on the LGBT Advisory Committee for the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity in Maine at the University of Southern Maine and was involved with the Unitarian Universalist Church. She was the Southern Maine coordinator for the Marriage Equality Family Ambassador Project, a grassroots educational initiative to promote understanding of how marriage for same-sex couples will help Maine children, families and communities, supported by Maine Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders and Equality Maine Foundation. The Collection consists of signs used in a Nov. 5, 2005 rally, organized by the Unitarian Universalist Church in favor of LGBT civil rights legislation, as well as printed material from the Maine Won't Discriminate campaign.

Beetle’s Lunch: An Oral History of the Early Food Adventures of Restauranteurs Norine Kotts and Cheryl Lewis
Norine Kotts and Cheryl Lewis are prominent restauranteurs and food consultants in Portland, Maine. Sociologist Janice Irvine presents their fascinating story in this recorded interview. Click to read participant bios and to hear the interview.

Charlie O. Howard Memorial Foundation Archives
The Charlie O. Howard Memorial Archives contains the records of the organization that sought to build a monument on the site where Mr. Howard died in 1984. Below you can view a film of the ceremony dedicating the memorial in downtown Bangor, Maine July 7, 2004.

Gay Side Story
In the summer of 1983 a group of young folks performed a parody of a certain well-known Broadway musical. Here you will find video, photos, a script and more from that once in a lifetime performance.

Interview With Ginny LaCrow
Audio and transcript of an interview conducted by Kat Hartford with founding member of the Maine Bisexual People's Network, Ginny LaCrow.

Interview With The Grandmas: 34 Year Herstory
Filmed interview of Rita W. Clifford and Sara Elliot, interviewed by Adriana Troxell Elliot, filmed by Elias Gilbert Elliot on July 3, 2015, in South Portland, Maine.

Northern Lambda NORD
NLN began in 1979 as a support network for the rural LGBT community, located in Aroostook County, with members in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. Digitization of this collection is ongoing.

OUT cast (podcast)
a half-hour talk show on WMPG hosted by a collective of local queer folks.

LGBTQ+ Newspapers
Full ranges of LGBTQ+ newsletters and newspapers published in Maine from the mid-1970s to the 1990s.

Querying the Past: LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project
Collecting and preserving the voices and stories of members of the Southern Maine LGBTQ community. The oral histories are available to the public in an effort to enrich understanding of our community and will serve as an important resource for scholars working on LGBTQ history.

Robert Diamante Papers
View images by Robert Diamante. Mr. Diamante's collection includes candid and studio photos of the Portland queer community in the 1990s.

Tom Antonik Papers
Click to view a selection of Tom Antonik's photographs.

Tr*nnychasers (film)
Two queer, androgynous best friends embark on a 5000-mile skateboard road trip across the Western United States in search of concrete bowls and what it means to be a queer skater in a deeply homophobic culture.

The t-shirt is a method that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities use to identify themselves, to promote causes, and to spread information, and in general become visible to the community.

USM Lesbian and Gay Oral History Collection
This collection includes interviews with members of the Maine Lesbian and Gay activist communities. Some interviews were conducted by Madeleine Winter in 1999, and some were conducted by Howard Solomon in 2006.

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