Click on a newspaper title for more information about that specific publication. What you see here represents what we have in our physical holdings. While in many cases we have the full run of a newspaper, there are some instances where we do not. We will do our best to indicate when the newspaper originally ran, and whether or not we have the full run. Please note that we are actively updating this information.

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10% : Maine's monthly newspaper for lesbians & gay men (1994-1995)

ACLA update (1996-1999)

AIDS Project News (1986)

AIDS Project Newsletter (1987-1991)

AIDS Project Newsline (1991-1996)

Apex : a point of departure (1992-1995)

Aroostook Lambda (1980)

BAGLSC newsletter (1984-1986, 1988)

Bulletin / Dayspring AIDS Support Services (1999, 2000)

Capitol Notebook (1993)

Common Circle for Human Rights (1997-2000)

Common scold (1983)

Communiqué / Northern Lambda Nord (1981-1999)

Community Pride Reporter (1993-1999)

Equality news / EqualityMaine (2004-2008)

Family Affairs newsletter (2004-2016)

Fruits of Our Labors (1990-1992)

GLT : Gay and Lesbian Times of Maine (1993)

In the affirmative (1993-1999)

Maine AIDS Care (1994-1996)

Maine Bisexual People's Network newsletter (1991-1992)

Maine Freewoman's Herald (1974-1978)

Maine Gay Task Force Newsletter (1974-1976)

Maine Lesbian Feminist Newsletter (1976-1984)

Maine Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance (1987, 1991-1995)

Mainely Gay (1978-1980)

Maine Speakout communique (1995-1997)

Matlovich Society (1991-1997)

MLGPA news (1996-2004)

MSOP newsletter (1998-2001)

Networker : publication of the Gay/Lesbian Community Network (1989-1992)

Network news (1998-2002)

Newsletter / Maine AIDS Alliance (1990-1991)

Newsletter / Maine Speakout Project (2004)

News on TAP (1995)

No-Name-Yet Newsletter (1982-1983)

Northern Lambda Nord (1980-1981)

Our Paper (1983-1992)

Our Paper: Serving the Alternative Community (1998)

Portland Women's Community Newsletter (1980-1982)

Pride reporter (2000)

Reach out : the newsletter of Maine Speakout Project (2004-2006)

Scoop / the People with AIDS Coalition of Maine (1990-1995)

Stein-vine (1984-1985)