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This deed ? made and entered in the first day of December in the year one thousand and eight hundred between William and Nicholas Mills administrators of the Nicholas Mills desc'd who was executor of Ann Mills deceased on the one part and Charles Thompson Jr of the other part Witneseth that the said William Mills and Nicholas Mills as Admintrs aforesaid for and in consideration fo the sum of One dollar to us in hand paid by the said Charles Thompson Fr the receipt where of we do hereby acknowledge. But more especially for the uses and trust hereafter in this writing mentioned have bargained and sold to Charles Thompson Jr his heirs ect. and administrators two Negro women named Penny and Alice which are the two Negroes purchased by the said Nicholas Mills as administrators for themselves and successors as administrators aforesaid warrant the title to said Negroes and their increase to the said Charles Thompson Jr for his heirs and upon special trust and confidence. Never the less that where as Ann Mills dec'd by her certain Will in writing duly provided and recorded in the County Court of Hanover among other things devised in manner following, That is to say that the money due her from her son William Mills shoud be by her exectors the said Nicholes Mills dec'd be laid out in the purchase of the Negro women the sole right and property of which Negro women to be in Agnys Mills her daugher (the wife of Francis Mills) and heirs of her body and the over plus of the money (if any) to be laid out as the said Agnys Mills should choose and their being a small sum over purchasing one Negro woman the balance was by her choice laid out in the purchase of another, now the true extent and meaning of the deed is that the said Charles Thompson Jr shall hold the two Negro women aforesaid in his possession but the use of them to be for the benefit of said Agnys Mills during her life and at her death that the said Charles Thompson Fr divide the negro women Penny and Alice with all the future increase equally among all the children of said Agnys Mills and their legal representatives.

In witness whereof the said William and Nicholas Mills Administrators of Nicholas dec'd and said Charles Thompson Jr. have hereunto set thei hand and affixed their seals the day and date first in the deed mentioned.

signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of
recorded March 1801

copy Mills deed to Thompson

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County Court of Hanover


Slavery, deed


African American Studies | United States History


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Manuscript slave deed, dated December 1, 1800, from William & Nicholas Mills to Charles Thompson Jr.  Contemporary copy, recorded March 1801.



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