The Muskie School of Public Service is Maine’s distinguished public policy school, combining an extensive applied research and technical assistance portfolio with rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree programs in geography-anthropology; tourism and hospitality; policy, planning, and management (MPPM); and public health (MPH). The school is nationally recognized for applying innovative knowledge to critical issues in the fields of sustainable development and health and human service policy and management, and is home to the Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy.

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Submissions from 2008


The Creative Economy in Small Places: Eight Cases and a Developmental Model, Jennifer L. Hutchins

Economic Development Perspectives for Scarborough, Hayrullo Malikov and Bauyrzhan Bekenov


Community Forests: Needs & Resources for technical Assistance in Northen New England, Misha Mytar


Excellence in Online Education: Preceptions of Needs, Barriers and Catalyst, Kimberly B. Sinclair

Submissions from 2007


Poverty in Moldova, Corneliu Bolbocean

Submissions from 2006


Barriers to a Consistent Philosophy: An Analysis of the Depatment of Health and Human Services Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services, Emily R. Hoberg

Submissions from 2004


What Makes a Winner?, Linda Riddell

Submissions from 2002


Measuring Morale in a Municipal Law Enforcement Agency: A Multidimensional Approach, Thomas J. Roth

Submissions from 2001

Participatory Planning in Portland's Bayside Neighborhood: Bayside Community Design Workshops April 2000 and April 2001, Bill Needleman, Bob Sanders, Jim Gailey, and Paul Harrison

Submissions from 1999


Promising Practices Supporting the Transition of Youth from the Foster Care System to Independent Living, Denise E. Riebman

Submissions from 1996


A Community Divided: Coping With a Locally Unwanted Land Use, Robert H. Hamblen

Submissions from 1995


Regionalizing Government in Maine: Opportunities for the Future, David Alexander, Alan Baldwin, John Carroll, Elizabeth Chapman, Dorraine Diebold, Lisa Harvey McPherson, Daniel Stevenson, and Earlene Wilson

Submissions from 1994


Consensus Building to Write Environmentally Responsive Rules for Maine's New Transportation Policy, Sondra S. Bogdonoff

Submissions from 1993


A Study of the Effects of Campaign Spending on Election Results, Thomas Major and Stephen Turner

Submissions from 1992

The Maine Indian Land claim: A Question of Ownership, Sallie Davis, David Klenk, and Larry Mead

Submissions from 1991


Funding the Gulf of Maine Program, Craig Freshley