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Winter 12-2018


Sexual Assault, Kit, MECASA, MSAC


The Cutler Institute recently released the Maine Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Study Report. This report was produced for the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MECASA). In 2018 MECASA contracted with researchers at the Cutler Institute, with funding in part from a grant from the Office on Violence Against Women STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program, through the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Researchers employed a mixed-methods approach to gather comprehensive data about the current status of sexual assault kits in Maine; the challenges and successes of processing and storing kits in Maine; and nationally recognized best practices.

Findings from this research confirms that Maine has achieved key successes in the management of sexual assault kits, specifically the provision of victim-centered, trauma-informed care, in addition to standardized, accredited practices, and dedicated resources at the Maine State Police Crime Lab. However, Maine also lacks a consistent, cohesive multidisciplinary management plan for kits, once they are collected. There is also a lack of clarity, communication, and understanding of decision-making involving SAKs being sent to the crime lab for analysis, in addition to a lack of guidance in retention, storage, and decision-making for disposal of SAKs. Based on these findings, researchers provided ten recommendations.

In January 2019, researchers from the Cutler Institute provided legislative testimony to the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee of the State of Maine Legislature regarding the study. Pending legislation relevant to the study includes:

  • LD 67 -An Act to Ensure Access to Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault (sponsored by Senator Herbig)
  • LD 396 -An Act To Support Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault by Increasing the Time Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Kits Must Be Stored (sponsored by Representative Maxmin)
  • LD 1140 –An Act to Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Assault Cases (sponsored by Representative Madigan)


This report is available on the Maine Statistical Analysis Center’s website at:

This project was supported by Grant No. 2015-WF-AX-0054 awarded by the Maine Dept. of Public Safety. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views, position or policies of the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Funding Organization

Office of Violence Against Women STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program through the Maine Department of Public Safety



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