The Muskie School of Public Service is Maine’s distinguished public policy school, combining an extensive applied research and technical assistance portfolio with rigorous undergraduate degree programs in geography-anthropology (GYA) and tourism & hospitality (TAH), and graduate programs in public health (MPH) and policy, planning, and management (MPPM). The School’s faculty and staff bring a practical, innovative approach to health, social, environmental, community, and economic development problems, and a commitment to spanning traditional boundaries among university, government, and nonprofit organizations. The School’s research and public service programs provide faculty and students with real-life experiences that expand and inform the educational experience. The Muskie School is also home to the Catherine E. Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy.


Submissions from 2017


Growing Portland: Not Whether, but How, Richard Barringer and Joseph McDonnell

Submissions from 2012


Development of the Rural Active Living Perceived Environmental Support Scale (RALPESS), M. Reneé Umstattd; Stephanie L. Baller; Erin Hennessy; David Hartley PhD, MHA; Christina D. Economos; Raymond R. Hyatt; Anush MS, MA Yousefian; and Jeffrey S. Hallam

Submissions from 2010

Characteristics of Inpatient Psychiatric Units in Small Rural Hospitals, David Hartley, Stephanie Loux, John Gale, David Lambert, and Anush Yousefian

Submissions from 2008

Employment of Advanced-Practice Psychiatric Nurses to Stem Rural Mental Health Workforce Shortages, Nancy P. Hanrahan and David Hartley

Submissions from 2005


Community Partnerships for Older Adults: A Case Study, Elise J. Bolda, Jane Isaacs Lowe, George L. Maddox, and Beverly S. Patnaik

Submissions from 2004


Ending Social Work's Grudge Match: Problems Versus Strengths, J. Curtis McMillen, Lisa Morris, and Michael Sherraden

Submissions from 2003


Perceptions of Discrimination Among Persons With Serious Mental Illness, Patrick Corrigan, Vetta Thompson, David Lambert, Yvette Sangster, Jeffrey G. Noel, and Jean Campbell