Submissions from 2021


Sex Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality Vary Across US Racial Groups, Tamara Rushovich MPH, Marion Boulicault MPhil, Jarvis T. Chen ScD, Anne Caroline Danielsen Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Amelia Tarrant, Sarah S. Richardson PhD, and Heather Shattuck-Heidorn PhD

Submissions from 2019


Sex/Gender and the Biosocial Turn, Heather Shattuck-Heidorn PhD and Sarah S. Richardson

Books from 2018

Gender Reckonings: New Social Theory and Research, James W. Messerschmidt, Patricia Yancey Martin, Michael A. Messner, and Raewyn Connell

Submissions from 2017


USM Educator Offers 10 Ways to Start to Change the Culture After #MeToo, Kathryn Skelton and Kimberly Simmons

Books from 2016

Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global, James Messerschmidt PhD

Masculinities, Structure, and Hegemony, James B. Messerschmidt PhD and Stephen Tomsen PhD

Submissions from 2015


Terms of Surrender: Marijuana legalization in the United States, Wendy Chapkis PhD

Submissions from 2013


The Trouble with Mary Jane's Gender, Wendy Chapkis PhD

Books from 2012

Gender, Heterosexuality and Youth Violence: The Struggle for Recognition, James Messerschmidt

Books from 2011

Introducing the New Sexuality Studies, Wendy Chapkis PhD


Stomp & Holler: Because We've Had Enough! The Transformation of SlutWalks, Kathleen J. Wininger PhD

Submissions from 2010


Productive Tensions: Ethnographic Engagement, Complexity, and Contradiction, Wendy Chapkis PhD

Hegemonic Masculinities and Camouflaged Politics: Unmasking the Bush Dynesty and its War Against Iraq, James Messerschmidt

Books from 2009

Philosophy and Sex: Adultery, monogamy, feminism, rape, same-sex marriage, abortion, promiscuity, perversion, Robert B. Baker and Kathleen J. Wininger PhD

Books from 2008

Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine, Wendy Chapkis Ph.D. and Richard J. Webb

Books from 2007

Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity, And the Writing of History, Lorrayne Carroll

Books from 2004

Liberating Economics: Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization, Drucilla Barker and Susan K. Feiner

Gender, Desire, and Sexuality in T. S. Eliot, Cassandra Laity and Nancy K. Gish

Books from 2001

Looking Like What You Are: Sexual Style, Race, and Lesbian Identity, Lisa Walker PhD

Books from 1999

Feminist interpretations of Jean-Paul Sartre, Julien S. Murphy Ph.D.

Books from 1995

The Constructed Body: AIDS, Reproductive Technology, and Ethics, Julien S. Murphy Ph.D.

Books from 1986

Beauty Secrets: Women and the Politics of Appearance, Wendy Chapkis Ph.D.