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Voices From the Field: A Qualitative Study of the Challenges and Promising Practices of Rural Public Health in Addressing HIV and Hepatitis C
Martha Elbaum Williamson MPA; Karen B. Pearson MLIS, MS; Amanda R. Burgess MPPM; Jennifer D. Lenardson MHS; and Erika C. Ziller PhD


Opioid-Related Visits to Rural Emergency Departments
Erika C. Ziller PhD, Jean A. Talbot PhD, Deborah Thayer MBA, and Carly Milkowski MPH


Lanny Lambert & Zip Kellog, 1997
Marilyn MacDowell

Intrapersonal Communication
Leonard Shedletsky PhD


Capacity of Rural Counties to Address an HIV or Hepatitis C Outbreak
Jennifer Lenardson MHS; Jaclyn Janis RN, MPH; Amanda Burgess MPPM; Karen Pearson MLIS, MA; and Martha Elbaum MPA

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