Spring 2019

Document Type

Poster Session


Leadership Studies


Elizabeth Goryunova PhD, M.B.A.


authentic leadership, accessibility, proximity, remote, on-site


As technology develops, professionals will have a greater opportunity to work remotely; often using multiple modes of technology to attend meetings, workshops and communicate with colleagues and superiors. The present study explores Authentic Leadership as it is experienced by remotely located employees, and its relationship with Job Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, and Turnover Intention through the construct of perceived supervisor accessibility. Current research on Authentic Leadership fails to explore the quality of remotely located employee/supervisor interactions and whether there is a relationship between Job Satisfaction, leadership style, and intention to leave a position. The present study seeks to fill the gap in existing studies by analyzing and comparing data from a remote department and an on-site department of a Maine-based retailer via survey method. A survey will be used to compare the two departments on several key variables; the proximity to the direct supervisor, Job Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Turnover Intention and perceived accessibility. Preliminary data analysis has yet to establish a relationship between leadership accessibility perceived authenticity, though results are currently in collection. Regardless of the finalized data, the study's implications have the potential to impact future workplace structures surrounding communication and leadership styles, both remote and on-site.

Start Date

4-19-2019 10:30 AM



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