Oral Presentations


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3D Printing of Piezoelectric Materials and Devices

Dominic Polletta, University of Southern Maine
Zack Myrtle, University of Southern Maine

A Path for Evidenced-Based Evaluation: The Case for Restorative Justice

Raúl D. Gierbolini-Rivera, ATC,CSCS, University of Southern Maine

Analyzing zooplankton communities to better understand their ecologically important role in the Gulf of Maine marine food web

Allison Fogg

Authentic Leadership as Practiced by Wabanaki Leaders

Ashlyn Tomer

Benefits of Women Head Coaches in NCAA Division I

Thomas Biskup

Development of a Compliant Medical Closure Clip Structure Using Superelastic NiTiNOL

Bradley Rushford, University of Southern Maine

Evaluating whether RAB27a loss impacts PVAT and aorta morphology during a HFD

Jacob Seeker, University of Southern Maine, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Ashley Soucy, University of Maine - Main, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Lucy Liaw PhD, Maine Medical Center Research Institute, University of Southern Maine, University of Maine - Main
Larisa Ryzhova MD PhD, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Anne Harrington, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Benjamin Tero, Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Abby Kaija, Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Evaluation of Current Post-Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner Training Programs: A Qualitative Analysis

John R. Massey, University of Southern Maine

Examining species diversity and food web differences using larval dynamics of Atlantic sea scallop

Samantha Bengs

Gender Inequality within Leadership Roles in College Sports

Matthew Cosgrove

Growth of Smallmouth Bass in rivers with a restoring river herring run

Madeline Young

Military Veteran Transitional Challenges

Anthony Price

The Maine Archaeology Cultural Heritage Guide

Colleen Metcalf

Transgender Experiences in Healthcare

Paige Grover

Friday, April 22nd
2:15 PM

The Capen Story: 19th Century Settlement, Lumber Operations, and Tourism on Deer Island and Moosehead Lake

Elizabeth M. Chartrand

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM