The Weight of Stories

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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T Clutch Fleischmann

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Debra Marquart

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Justin Tussing


The Weight of Stories is a series of memoir pieces the author has written about thejourney through a fraught relationship with her body and food. It begins in childhood and culminates in present day. The theme of shame is a thread running through the essays, as they recount examples of familial and societal messages, and the writer's internal harshcritic. These essays are rich with characters who have influenced her life; her mother, her children, her partner, friends, and the lessons she has taken away from those relationships. The writing explores the internal landscape of her mind with a keen eye, not shying away from, at times, the reveal of her inner absurdity. The pieces touch on these themes in the form of essays, experimental writing and a 10-minute play.


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