Expanding Access: Changes in Vocational Rehabilitation Practice Since the 1992 Rehabilitation Act Amendments

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Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin


This study investigated implementation of the 1992 Rehabilitation Act Amendments and examined perceived changes in practices that expanded access to state vocational rehabilitation (VR) services as of 1996. Through the use of a national survey, data were collected from 251 VR administrators and 254 counselors. A secondary analysis of the Rehabilitation Service Administration's database (RSA-911 from fiscal years 1988,1993, and 1995) was also conducted to examine changes on key data elements. Findings related to the mandate to expand access included the reduction in eligibility timeline, use of existing information, presumption of benefit, and efforts to serve those previously underserved. Perceived changes in daily VR practices since the implementation of the law in 1992 are discussed.


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