The Community Impact of CAHs (Policy Brief #2)

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Policy Brief

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This publication presents the findings of a project to understand the community involvement and impact of CAHs and the Flex Program. A briefing paper presents these results in greater detail. For state-level CAH community impact data, browse State Profiles.

Key Findings:

  • CAHs are expanding services that positively impact their communities.
  • Strategies to meet community need include: 1) Growth/expansion strategies for services that contribute to CAH’s longterm viability, and 2) services that address specific unmet community needs and are subsidized by the hospital.
  • CAHs are not consistently reporting on the ways in which they benefit and impact their communities.
  • More formal performance measures capturing CAH community impact are needed.


Community Impact

Funding Organization

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

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PHS Grant No. U27RH01080

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The Community Impact of CAHs (Policy Brief #2)