Rural Hospitals (Flex Program)

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Policy Brief

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MRHRC, Patient Safety, TeamSTEPPS, Critical Access Hospitals

Funding Organization or Grant

This study was conducted by the Flex Monitoring Team with funding from the federal Office of Rural Health Policy (PHS Grant No. U27RH01080)


In this brief we review teamwork and team training which have become a standard, evidence-based intervention in small and larger hospitals alike. The focus is on TeamSTEPPS, a training program developed and disseminated by the Department of Defense and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. As discussed in a recent Flex Monitoring Team Report, TeamSTEPPS has been adapted and successfully used by several Flex Programs and CAHs.4 Following a brief discussion of the evidence-base on teamwork and team training in improving patient safety, we discuss the TeamSTEPPS program and its use by several states and their CAH partners.



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