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Littlejohn's And Cousin's Islands, Casco Bay, Maine, (Looking toward Portland,) Properties of The Atlantic Improvement Co., Offices 307 Exchange Building, Boston.


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George E. Norris


40 x 60 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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These properties on Littlejohn’s and Cousin’s Islands are to be used exclusively for summer cottages, and all improvements will be undertaken with the idea of making these places ideal places for a summer home. Cottages built to order on the co-operative building plan, with monthly payments, all materials, land and labor being furnished. What pays every better dividend? A word to the wise is sufficient. Further information cheerfully furnished by the Atlantic Improvement Company, 307 Exchange Street, Boston.

The Beauties of Portland and Scenic Gems of Casco Bay, Portland, 1895

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