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Bath (1878)

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Bird's Eye View of the City of Bath Sagadahoc Co. Maine 1878 Looking North West


Albert Ruger


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Albert Ruger


Shober & Carqueville


J. J. Stoner


44 x 87 cm


Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

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Maine Historic Preservation Commission

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Located twelve miles from the mouth of the Kennebec River, Bath was Maine’s leading shipbuilding center, surpassed in production only by Boston, New York and Philadelphia. In 1880 the city’s shipyards launched forty-one vessels with an aggregate tonnage of 22,200 tons. Shipbuilding supported such related businesses as foundries and sail making.

Historic Newspaper References

Bath Daily Times, October 18, 1877

We have the pleasure of examining a “bird’s eye view” of Bath made by Mr. A. Ruger of Boston. It is a very beautiful drawing in India ink, 20 by 36 inches, the river with steamboats and sailing vessels for the foreground, including a portion of the Woolwich shore, and nearly the whole extent of the town shown with wonderful accuracy, every house apparently given in the precise style of architecture. From the short examination which we have given the sketch we should think it well worthy of patronage. Mr. T.M. Fowler, the agent, will call upon our citizens and give all an opportunity to judge for themselves.

Bath Daily Times, March 13, 1878

The lithographic views of Bath from drawings made some time ago are being delivered by Mr. Patchen, the agent for them. Much pains and care were taken in bringing the original drawing as near perfection as possible, and in it all the buildings, streets, avenues and courts of the city were plainly discernable. The lithograph is even better than the drawing promised. A resident at a glance can readily pick out his own residence while the index to prominent points readily interprets the details of the view to strangers. It is far superior to maps drawn on the ordinary plan. Only a few more of these lithographs have been printed than enough to supply regular subscribers.

Bath Daily Times, March 14, 1878

Birds Eye View Of The City of Bath And all other kinds of Pictures Framed At the store of Morse Brothers Front Street, Bath, Me.

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