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Bird's Eye View of Gardiner and Pittston Kennebec Co. Maine 1878


Albert Ruger


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Gardiner and Pittston, Maine - hi-res

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Albert Ruger


D. Bremner Co.


J. J. Stoner


52.1 x 76.2 cm


Maine Historic Preservation Commission

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Under the leadership of Robert Hallowell Gardiner, Gardiner developed as a major nineteenth century industrial center on the Kennebec River. Flowing into the river, the Cobbossee Conte Stream provided the waterpower for sawmills, a woolen mill, a paper mill, a foundry, and various factories. The commercial centers of Gardiner and Pittston were connected by a nine-hundred-foot long wooden bridge that spanned the Kennebec. The principal business of the village of Pittston was ice. Large wooden structures were built on the riverbanks for the harvesting, storage, and shipping of ice by several local and out-of-state companies.

Historic Newspaper References

Gardiner Home Journal, December 5, 1877

We examined one day this week a very perfect and handsome drawing of the business portion of this city and Pittston, made by Mr. A. Ruger and now in the hands of Mr. J. Warner, who is agent for the work, and who will canvass this city for subscriptions for the picture, which will be lithographed from the drawing. The streets and buildings of each place are all brought distinctly to view, and are so familiar that those acquainted with the places will at once recognize its accuracy. It seems to us that every one who takes any interest in the city will feel willing to subscribe for such a plan, for more reasons than one. In order to have it a success, however, it will be necessary to have at least 150 subscribers, and the lithograph will cost about $2.50 per copy. It would be a valuable picture both for ornament and practical purposes, and has many advantages over any map of our city we have ever seen. The work of canvassing has commenced, and we hope the project will not fail for want of a liberal response.

Gardiner Home Journal, March 20, 1878

The lithographer announces that the Birds-eye View of Gardiner is ready, and is a very fine picture, and subscribers in this city may expect them next week.

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