One of the earliest gay and lesbian groups in the state, NLN began in 1979 as a support network for the rural LGBT community, located in Aroostook County, with members in Maine and New Brunswick. By the mid-1980s, NLN had added an outreach component, working to educate the local community on LGBT identity and acceptance and health and HIV/AIDS issues. They also started a Gay-Lesbian Phoneline which grew into the Maine HIV/AIDS Hotline. The group disbanded in 2000 but re-formed in 2006.

To see several pamphlets and broadsides created by NLN please go HERE.

NLN Produced several Newsletters throughout their time as an organization.

You can view a t-shirt created by NLN HERE.

We are currently in the process of digitizing items from this collection. To learn more about the history of Northern Lambda NORD, please consult the Finding Aid.

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