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Master of Public Health (MPH)


Public Health


Blood Pressure Monitoring, Hypertension, Muskie School of Public Service


Hypertension represents a population health issue in that many patients are misdiagnosed and over-or-under medicated. Research has indicated that overestimating the true blood pressure by 5 mmHg leads to over 30 million Americans being inappropriately treated with blood pressure medication (Handler, 2009). Blood pressure measurements taken in the office are often inaccurate due to patient behaviors, improper technique, and observer errors, yet providers are still using this method to diagnose hypertension. Therefore, considering other methods of blood pressure for the diagnosis and management of hypertension is important to the healthcare quality for millions of Americans.

The main objective of this capstone research is to identify, categorize, and assess the barriers and facilitators to ambulatory, office, and home blood pressure monitoring, using both an evidence-based review of literature and the qualitative perspective of key informants from primary care practices around Maine.