Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Community Planning and Development (CPD)


Community Planning and Development

First Advisor

Dr Mark Lapping


Land Use Conversion, Forestry Practices, South Western Maine Forest Fragmentation Coalition, Muskie School of Public Service


Northern York County holds some of the most ecologically diverse forests and productive timberland in the State of Maine. It is also the boundary of the Wildland-Urban Interface which continually expands resulting in the conversation of forest land for non-forest uses such as development. Land use conversion is exacerbated by an increasing number of “new” owners with little knowledge of best forestry practices who hold smaller parcels which makes developing effective conservation programs difficult. In an effort to develop conservation objectives with the purpose of protect working forest land, the Southwestern Maine Forest Fragmentation Coalition elected to utilize the outreach tool Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively developed by the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative. A detailed communication plan was created with specific targeted messages which use a social marketing approach in identifying landowners in a 10-town focus area that would be most likely to be receptive to stewardship practices and actively engage in the conservation easement program.