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Susan Farnsworth, Groups Opposing Gay Rights, Maine Christian Civic League, Referendum 6, Maine State Elections 2000, Anti-Discrimination Law, Sexual Orientation, Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation, Discrimination, No on 6, Yes on 6



Susan Farnsworth earned her undergraduate degree from Bates College in 1969 and her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maine School of Law in 1976. She has worked in several city and state government positions, including Maine State Representative from 1988-1994. Farnsworth has also been active in the LGBT community, serving as a member of the Executive Committee and an organizer of “Yes on 6” PAC in the Statewide Referendum Campaign in 2000. The Papers consist of working papers, publications, and other materials.

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The Susan Farnsworth Papers were created and/or compiled by Susan Farnsworth, who donated the material in 2006.

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