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Health Policy Reform - Vermont, Health Care Financing, Health Care - Costs, USM Aging Initiative, Policy


The Muskie School of Public Service hosted two health policy colloquia this April to promote informed discussion throughout the state regarding MaineCare coverage options under the ACA and the implications of Vermont’s move toward a single-payer system.The series, sponsored by the Muskie School Board of Visitors, offers community conversations in which experts from various disciplines and perspectives inform and engage the broader public to explore and debate critical policy issues. On April 22, community and sector leaders joined for Global Budgets, Payment Reform, and Single Payer: Understanding Vermont's Health Reform. Participants discussed Vermont's recent movie toward single payer health care and how the state is cutting costs and improving how health care is delivered, as well as the implications for Maine.


Health Policy Colloquium Brief

Anya Rader Wallack, chair of the Green Mountain Care Board, presented on ways in which the state is seeking to make heath care a public good, creating an integrated delivery system, and moving to a single system where access to health coverage is not linked to employment.

This Brief was prepared by the Muskie School of Public Service to inform an April 22, 2013 colloquium convened to explore Vermont’s health reform initiatives and lessons they may have for Maine. For more information on the April 22 Colloquium, see global-budgets-payment-reform-and-single-payer-understanding-vermonts-health-reform



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