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Cutler, Population Health and Health Policy


Recognizing that our health care system lacks organization, integration, and coordination, the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) has adopted the promotion of patient- and family-centered care as a long-term funding priority. With the goals of encouraging patients to take an active role in their care and promoting integration of primary and specialty care with mental and behavioral health, dental care, and other services, MeHAF has funded several health care initiatives to improve the health of individuals and to improve the quality and costeffectiveness of health care.

The Maine Barriers to Integration Study is one of these initiatives. MeHAF funded the Muskie School to identify barriers to integration of behavioral and physical health services and potential solutions to overcoming these barriers. This paper reports on the first phase of the study, which included an extensive literature review; an analysis of different approaches and models to integration; and a review of integration initiatives in Maine, other states, and Canada. Results from interviews and focus groups with Maine stakeholder organizations are also included.

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The Maine Health Access Foundation Contract no. 2007CON-0010