A Man for All Branches - Judge Frank M. Coffin of Maine

A Man for All Branches - Judge Frank M. Coffin of Maine


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A biography of Frank M. Coffin, who was an im­por­tant figure in Maine politics and served for 41 years as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. The author, political scientist Richard J. Maiman, provides a detailed study of Coffin’s political career, drawing exten­sively on materials dealing with Maine politics, Congress, foreign aid, and the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He also makes liberal use of the burgeon­ing literature on federal court processes to help illuminate Coffin's judicial work.



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Tower Publishing


Frank M. Coffin, Maine Law, Supreme Court, Biography


American Studies | Judges | Law | Legal | Legal History | Legal Profession | Nonfiction | Political History | State and Local Government Law


Richard Maiman earned a PhD at Brown University and taught for 40 years in the political science department at the University of Southern Maine, specializing in law and politics. He also taught in USM’s American and New England Studies graduate program, the Muskie School of Public Service, and at the University of Maine School of Law.

In the 1980s he and Craig McEwen of Bowdoin College published a series of groundbreaking articles on mediation as an alternative to adjudication. One of his books, Divorce Lawyers at Work: Varieties of Professionalism in Practice, co-authored with McEwen and Lynn Mather of Dartmouth College, was cited by the American Political Science Association as “the best book on law and politics published in 1990.”

Dr. Maiman has held appointments as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Essex in the U.K. and as a Fulbright Scholar at the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. His public service includes chairing Maine’s Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability.

A Man for All Branches - Judge Frank M. Coffin of Maine

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