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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work

First Advisor

Jeanette Andonian, PhD., MSW, LCSW

Second Advisor

Paula Gerstenblatt, PhD., MSW

Third Advisor

Lindsay Susi, MSW, LCSW


Social Work, Telehealth, Eating Disorder Treatment, Participant Experience


This phenomenological study explores the use of telehealth as a modality in the treatment of eating disorders through the lenses of feminist, standpoint, and social constructionist theories. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth was utilized to offer continuity of service at a local, urban eating disorder treatment program in the Northeast. Post pandemic, this modality continued for staffing and accessibility reasons. However, little is known about this treatment from the perspective of service recipients. Intensive semi-structured interviews were conducted via Zoom with six adults who had completed the telehealth program to learn about individuals’ experiences with this modality. Findings reveal that telehealth offers convenience, accessibility and community. However, data also illuminate some possible drawbacks to this modality for the population such as ease of hiding, screen fatigue, and adapting to a virtual communication style. Although there were some commonalities among participants, diversity of experience was also evident.

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