The Department of Criminology offers a four-year program leading to a bachelor of arts degree in criminology. The program provides students with a liberal arts education whose focus is the complex relations among crime, law, and society, and which emphasizes the social sciences. The curriculum is a rigorous series of courses which provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of crime and crime control in contemporary, historical, and comparative perspective. Learn More


Books from 2018

Gender Reckonings: New Social Theory and Research, James W. Messerschmidt, Patricia Yancey Martin, Michael A. Messner, and Raewyn Connell

Books from 2017

Intoxication, Modernity, and Colonialism: Freud’s Industrial Unconscious, Benjamin’s Hashish Mimesis, Dušan I. Bjelić Ph.D.

Books from 2013

Crime as Structured Action: Doing Masculinities, Race, Class, Sexuality, and Crime, James Messerschmidt

Submissions from 2009


Immigrants as the Enemy: Psychoanalysis and the Balkans' Self-Orientalization, Dušan I. Bjelić


The Balkans: Radical Conservatism and Desire, Dušan I. Bjelić

Submissions from 2004


From Animal Abuse to Interhuman Violence? A Critical Review of the Progression Thesis, Piers Beirne

Submissions from 2002


Criminology and Animal Studies: A Sociological View, Piers Beirne

Submissions from 2001


Horse Maiming in the English Countryside: Moral Panic, Human Deviance, and the Social Construction of Victimhood, Roger Yates, Chris Powell, and Piers Beirne