The field of chemistry is concerned with the structure of matter, its transformations, and the energy changes related to these transformations. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern Maine is comprised of active and engaged faculty who are committed to involving students in scientific research and has been a leader in providing students with meaningful research experiences early in the curriculum. Students studying chemistry at USM will gain an understanding of chemistry's place within the sciences and in today's industrial and business world. The Department of Chemistry provides students concentrating in this field with a thorough and practical education that will be useful in teaching or in industrial, technical, or graduate work. We offer a four-year program with three tracks leading to baccalaureate degrees:
  • B.A. in Chemistry
  • B.S. in Chemistry
  • B.S. in Biochemistry
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Submissions from 2014


Flipping Crazy: The Large Lecture Flipped Classroom Model at the University of Southern Maine, Lucille Benedict Ph.D.

Submissions from 2011


Tolyl-Substituted Siloles: Synthesis, Substituent Effects, and Aggregation-Induced Emission, Trevor C. Bozeman, Katie A. Edwards, Kristopher M. Fecteau, Michael G. Verde Jr., Alex Blanchard, Danielle L. Woodall, Nicholas Benfaremo, James R. Ford, Jerome L. Mullin, Caryn K. Prudente Ph.D., and Henry J. Tracy