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On February 5, 2003, the Honorable John E. Baldacci, Governor of the State of Maine, signed an executive order establishing the Task Force on Increasing Efficiency and Equity in the Use of K-12 Education Resources, and charged it with the following duties:

a. Examine all components of the K-12 education system in Maine to identify more efficient and equitable uses of resources.

b. Examine state, regional, and local relationships with regard to school funding to determine practices that promote or detract from efficient and equitable use of resources.

c. Consult with other study groups and stakeholders in carrying out its duties.

d. Identify strategies used in other states to increase efficiencies.

e. Identify incentives for improving efficiencies.

f. Act as a working group to recommend to the Governor actions to produce greater elementary and secondary excellence, efficiency and equity.

A copy of the entire executive order appears in Appendix A.