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Cutler, Disabilty and Aging


The purpose of this report is to provide summary information on the performance of Maine’s home and community based care system. The data in this report can be used to identify areas where the system is working and people are satisfied with services and to identify areas where improvement may be needed. The data may also point to areas where further analysis or more information would be helpful. The data in the report represents baseline information. There are no absolute standards or norms against which the results can be compared. In some instances, it will be important to use the data as a basis for further discussion and inquiry in order to “interpret” or draw conclusions from the results. This is part of an ongoing quality improvement process.

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This document was developed under FY 2003 RealChoice Systems Change Grant (Grant # 11-P-92024/1-01) Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in Home and Community-Based Services from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.