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Cutler, Disabilty and Aging


The purpose of this project was to compare three different models of building and strengthening community-based systems of care for older adults. Models were distinguished by the type of organization that took the lead in developing the system of services: Area Agency on Aging, acute care hospital, and residential facility. Specific questions addressed in this project were: (1) What conditions in a local community give rise to a community-based system of care (CBSC) for older adults? (2) What are the necessary steps in planning and designing CBSCs? (3) How are successful CBSCs established and maintained? (4) How does the type of lead organization influence a CBSCs accessibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness? (5) To what extent and under what conditions can successful CBSCs be replicated? Answers to these questions were meant to assist leaders in new communities wishing to develop CBSCs for older adults in their own locales.

Funding Organization

Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201, grant number 90AR0111.



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