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Cutler, Disabilty and Aging


Maine has been recognized for its recent progress in improving the lives of person with brain injury within the state. This report is the third brain injury report over the past ten years as Maine continues in its efforts to understand the service needs of persons with brain injury, broaden awareness of the impact of a brain injury, improve treatment options, and ultimately prevent brain injuries, especially in vulnerable populations. The information gained through a survey and through focus group discussions provides further context for upcoming brain injury policy decisions and resource allocation. While the causes and consequences of brain injuries have gained greater public attention, the information gathered in this report reveals that additional work is needed. The survey used in this report requested comment on a broad range of topics. For ease of understanding, the survey information has been categorized according to brain injury diagnoses, brain injury effects, and brain injury services and supports.


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This report is supported in part by a Federal Grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), CFDA # 93.234 Traumatic Brain Injury, State Demonstration Grant Program, 1H21MC26917-02.



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