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Long Term Care Services, Maine, Impaired Decision Making Capacity, Disability and Aging, Cutler Institute, USM Aging Initiative, Policy, Health and Wellness


This document:

  • Reviews the prevalence of impaired decision-making capacity among adults and older adults receiving publicly funded home care services and supports in Maine, the characteristics of this population group, and the caregivers caring for persons with impaired decision-making capacity.
  • Reports on interviews with providers describing their ideas for helping people with impaired decisionmaking capacity live in the community longer.
  • Reviews the legal status of persons receiving long term services and supports in Maine, including the presence of a guardian or a Power of Attorney, among those with impaired decision-making capacity across settings.
  • Reports on interviews with providers, describing kinds of issues they encounter as they serve persons with impaired or deteriorating decision-making capacity.


Prepared For: Office of Aging and Disability Services Maine Department of Health and Human Services