Maine Elder Justice Roadmap

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Maine, older adults, policy, elder abuse, financial exploitation


Elisabeth Snell and Kimberly Snow from the Cutler Institute co-led a team that combined their expertise in justice policy, domestic violence, elder abuse, and long-term care policy to support the Elder Justice Coordinating Partnership. The partnership was created by Gov. Janet Mills. Together with Cutler Institute team members — Devon Grayson-Wallace, Jennifer Pratt, Becky Wurwarg, and Sammy-Ellie MacKinnon — Snell and Snow helped the new organization develop the Maine Elder Justice Roadmap. This report identifies current challenges to the prevention of, detection of, and response to elder abuse in Maine and provides strategic recommendations to address those challenges.



Established by Governor Mills by Executive Order 11 FY 19/20 on October 23, 2019, the Elder Justice Coordinating Partnership assembled private sector and public sector experts representing a wide array of disciplines to develop an Elder Justice Roadmap to address Maine’s response to and prevention of elder abuse in all its forms.