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Theses/Dissertations from 2015

What the Cat Dragged In, Elaine R. Flory

Afterimage: An Excerpt, Sarah R. Flynn

Aperture Settings and other Stories, Bobbie Ford


Grace, Trees, and Getting on My Knees: A Memoir about the Beginning of My Recovery, Kateri Patrice Hall


Via Selected Poetry, 2013-2015, Brady Thomas Kamphenkel


The Healing Power of Horses: On Riding, Writing & Grieving, Cathy La Forge


Her Name is Quintana Roo: Essays, Poetry, Memoir, Linda Q. Lambert

Meandering Horizons, Kathryn M. Lee

Elements of Exile: Book One of the Untraveled World, D.R. Letourneau


No Invented Mystery, Blake Love

Small Scenes with Snow: Stories & Essays, Anya Banasik Mali

All this Madness, Anna McGreavy

Wandering the Wilderness, Eder Williams McKnight

Is that the Illness Talking?, Kristine Snow Millard


Hard Blue Sky, Karalynn Moran


Fire in the Garden, Troy A. Myers


Mass Wasting, John Christopher Nelson

Blinded by his Light, Philip G. Osgood

Nigger in Sheep's Clothing, Nicole A. Patin

No Room for Good Ideas, Amanda Ruth Pearson


String Lights, Amanda Jennifer Pleau

The Dollmaker, Rachael Romero


Intimacy: An Ambivalent Quest, Nicole L. Scoggins


Sailors, Brian Shuff

Northern Adventures of a Southern Widow, Christine Urquhart