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Theses from 2016


Angel Feet and Other Stories, Alexander Sherman


When Lonesome Rains Come Close Inside, Mary Katherine Spain


Deon: Fresh Air Son, Rose Marie Staton

The Transformation of “D”, Bill Stauffer

Historical Fiction Writings: First Marriage, A Soldier’s Boots, and Eve’s Eyes, Darlene Taylor

Fall, Frank Tota

The Pattern of the Scatter, Melanie Viets

The Whole Shitaree, Carter G. Walker


Katahdin, Henry & Me: A Father and Son Backpacking Adventure in Baxter State Park, Greg Westrich

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Eyre, Andrea Lesley Adams

Explorations in Essays and Flash Fiction and Adaptations for Film and Stage, Elizabeth Tova Bailey

The Room of Everything, Amy Elizabeth Burroughs

In a Place Like This, Chase Cline


Refuge Bay: a Novel, Sandra J. D'Ascensao

Sleeping Through the Earthquake, Lauren M. Davis


The Miraculous Flight of Owen Leach, Jennifer Dupree

An Orderly Riot, Heather Kristin Hummel Ecke

Flight Patterns of the Antiheroine: From the Writing Sangha to First Memoir, Chelsey Everest


De Gustibus non Disputandum Est, William Henry Ferguson Jr.

What the Cat Dragged In, Elaine R. Flory

Afterimage: An Excerpt, Sarah R. Flynn

Aperture Settings and other Stories, Bobbie Ford


Grace, Trees, and Getting on My Knees: A Memoir about the Beginning of My Recovery, Kateri Patrice Hall


Via Selected Poetry, 2013-2015, Brady Thomas Kamphenkel


The Healing Power of Horses: On Riding, Writing & Grieving, Cathy La Forge