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Casey Georgi and Rachel Spigel host a show on the themes of coming out and families both born and found. They interview Dr. Wendy Chapkis about the Querying the Past Oral History Project. The show features excerpts from interviews with Lisa Bunker, Mike McKenzie, J. Dionne, Cait Vaughan, and Steven Bull.

Querying the Past was a 6-week special series that aired on Thursday evenings 7-7:30pm. The first episode began on Thursday June 14th in honor of Pride Portland Week. This series comes from the LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project that collected and preserved the voices and stories of members of the Southern Maine LGBTQ community. The Principal Investigator for this project was Dr. Wendy Chapkis, Professor of Sociology and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Southern Maine. From 2016-18, Professor Chapkis was also the Faculty Scholar for the Sampson Center’s LGBTQ+ Collection. The LGBTQ Maine Oral History Project integrated USM students into the process of community-based research; after being trained each fall, students served as interviewers and transcribers of the oral histories.

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This episode features discussion of conversion therapy, which may be tough for some listeners to hear.

Coming Out