Producer's Showcase 08/24/2010


Producer's Showcase 08/24/2010


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Segment 1: Episode 5 of The Troll of Stoneybrook by Fred Greenhalgh entitled Sunset With the Hermits. The troll died following his encounter with the police after the sun came up and turned him to stone. Jamie takes the troll’s head into the forest and meets a woman who mourns for the troll. The woman tells Jamie that he has some of the troll’s blood in him now, and invites him to her camp for a meal.

Segment 2: Part 1 - Blunt Youth Radio producer Iris SanGiovanni award winning piece called Homelessness: It Can Happen to Anyone, Even My Dad. SanGiovanni’s father was homeless for 6 months in 2004 and talks about his experiences, and the ways that it has shaped his outlook and hers.

Part 2 - Gavin Bower Housing the Homeless talks to Ed Page about his life living as a homeless person for 20 years. Page lives in Logan’s Place, an Avesta housing project that allows for a full time support system and safe housing place for him. Because of the support of Logan’s Place Page is able to pursue an education and new employment opportunities.

Part 3 - Zoey High How We See the Homeless. High interviews people about what they think is the reason for homelessness is. Steven LaChance, a former homeless person, works for Homeless Voices For Justice and is working to educate the public about homelessness and preventing hate crimes against them.

Segment 3: Salt Institute Producer Jennifer Formoseovitch Trash. Formoseovitch interviews people who work for the sanitation department in Portland, and the difficulties they face on the job.

Segment 4: Satirical knife commercial from Business as Usual compilation CD.

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Producer's Showcase 08/24/2010