Producer's Showcase 08/17/2010


Producer's Showcase 08/17/2010


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Segment 1: Episode 4 of producer Fred Greenhalgh’s The Troll of Stoneybrook entitled The Showdown at Stoneybrook. The troll and Jamie are on the run after the corpses of the police and Rick are discovered. They’re found, and the troll leaves Jamie after telling him that he needs to work to protect the natural world so that trolls can continue to live in peace away from humans.

Segment 2: Producer Steve Kane reviews The Obsidian Conspiracy by Seattle based metal band Nevermore. Kane raves about the album and Nevermore.

Segment 3: Producer Jay Holt from the Salt Institute’s segment is called The Last Bridge. The sardine cannery in Gouldsboro is getting ready to close down. The cannery is the last one in Maine, and with its closing Goldsboro will struggle with a lack of jobs. There are a number of options for what can replace the cannery, but there is a lot of uncertainty. Dana Rice has been working to figure something out as a replacement, but he doesn’t think anything will replace the cannery for at least another year.

Segment 4: Producer Libby Donovan from Blunt Youth Radio talks about living without a car, and having to take the bus in South Portland. The bus system in the Portland area is difficult to navigate, and Donovan asks for some advice before taking it.

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Producer's Showcase 08/17/2010