Producer's Showcase 08/10/2010


Producer's Showcase 08/10/2010


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Segment 1: Podcast by Salt Institute, called the SaltCast. Producer Rob Rosenthal describes the production of a radio story. Rosenthal talks about the difficulties that come with editing productions, trying to figure out what to take out to make the story flow better even if it means cutting out things that the producer is personally attached to. Andy Mills, the producer who Rosenthal was talking to, then plays his story that he was working on about medical marijuana.

Segment 2: The Troll of Stoneybrook Part 3: Missing Persons Report. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh for Radio Drama Revival. Jamie and Rick don’t show back up to work, and their coworkers are looking for them. While investigating the hit and run, the police call for backup. The troll interrogates Jamie in his cave while eating Rick. The troll laments about how his way of life is being ruined by humans developing the forests before killing the cops who show up to look for Jamie. The troll then takes Jamie to the mountains.

Segment 3: Dan Bernard and Michael Townsend produced a promo for the WMPG car donation service

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90.9 WMPG FM


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Producer's Showcase 08/10/2010