Producer's Showcase 08/03/2010


Producer's Showcase 08/03/2010


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Segment 1: Radio Drama Revival producer Fred Greenhalgh presents The Troll of Stoneybrook Part 2: A Strange Discovery. Rick drags Jamie out to figure out what Jamie hit. They stumble upon the troll’s lair. Rick tries to shoot the troll, but the troll kills him.

Segment 2: Producer Marge May interviews Rachel Kauder Nalebuff for the Women’s Windows series about her book My Little Red Book. The book is about women’s experiences having their first period. Her great-aunt had her first period while fleeing the Nazis in Poland. Because of her great-aunts story Nalebuff treated the book as an oral history, but began to discover that women have been having their first periods at younger and younger ages. Men have also been reading Nalebuff’s book and learning from it, and she also has a website called that is active with people sharing their stories.

Segment 3: Producer Chandra Touch’s story The All America Cambodia about her experience as a Cambodian immigrant who is also a cheerleader. Touch’s mother doesn’t understand cheering and wants her to be a more active member of the family. The American experience is alien to Touch’s mother and she discusses the difficulties that come with being raised in a traditional Cambodian household in the United States.

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Producer's Showcase 08/03/2010