Producer's Showcase 07/27/2010


Producer's Showcase 07/27/2010


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First Segment: Fred Greenhalgh is producer of Radio Drama Revival. An excerpt from one of the series called The Troll of Stoneybrook, Part 1: Something in the Road. It tells the story of a man named Jamie who leaves early from a party and hits a troll on his way home.

Second Segment: Producer Lorenzo Rafa goes backstage at a Ween concert. Rafa talks to the bass player about touring, playing festivals, writing music, and joining the band after having been a fan.

Third Segment: Blue Hill Science. Producer Bill O'Connell talks to a group of teenagers about lobsters. They talk about the lives of lobsters, their anatomy, reproduction, predators, and the lobstering industry in Maine.

Fourth Segment: Comes from Salt Institute from producer Zach Mccuin. He talks about Mookie, a monkey who was raised by Karen Hawkins, a woman in Bridgton. Hawkins talks about raising Mookie, the challenges that come from having him, and the time that she lost him for a brief period of time. Her relationship with Mookie is motherly, and she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

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Producer's Showcase 07/27/2010