Producer's Showcase 07/13/2010


Producer's Showcase 07/13/2010


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Segment 1: Producer Megan Lasalle talks about people who are protesting a wind farm by Earth First.

Segment 2: Producer Zach Berowitz talks about going being invited to a restaurant and turning it down, and his penchant for collecting things to eventually use as gifts.

Segment 3: Producer Jennifer Formasevich (?) from the Salt Institute talks about the water system on Deer Island and how the water is going missing. The segment follows the people who work there in their search for the water.

Segment 4: Producer Charlotte MacDonald talks about her cousin, a PHD Composition student named Hillary at Harvard who sees that women aren’t applying to the composing program. Hillary talks about the inequality in the program and her experience being discriminated against as a woman there.

Segment 5: Producer Anna Flannegan reflects on her experience in the environmental club at Portland High School. She ruminates on her role in the club, and whether they did enough to get other students involved.

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Producer's Showcase 07/13/2010