Producer's Showcase 06/29/2010


Producer's Showcase 06/29/2010


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Series of segments from the archive in Blue Hill

First Segment: Esoterica produced by Cynthia Swan. Title: The Universe is a Love Story

Swan talks about our hearts and the power they have, and compares them to the universe and it’s ever-expanding nature.

Second Segment: Nature’s Remedies produced by Dr. Tim Hagne.

Dr. Hagne discusses the Valerian Root and its homeopathic benefits while warning of any adverse effects to look out for

Third Segment: World Ocean Radio produced by Peter Neil.

Neil discusses the Deep Water Horizon disaster and its impact, the response of those involved and where to go in the future.

Fourth Segment: Outside the Box produced by Larry Danzinger.

Danzinger discusses a murder-suicide where a father murdered his autistic son and then himself. Danzinger argues that this was a hate crime because of the son’s autism. He also talks about what constitutes a hate crime.

Fifth Segment: Ask WAM produced by Sherry Mason.

Mason works for the Wildlife Alliance of Maine (WAM) and asks director Daryl Dejoy questions about climate change and the negative impact of the meat industry.

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Producer's Showcase 06/29/2010