Producer's Showcase 10/05/2010


Producer's Showcase 10/05/2010


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Guest Ronan Kelly, a radio producer from Ireland.

First piece is called Don’t Go Far - Your Dinner’s Nearly Ready and is about two young boys who hopped on a train in Ireland and it took them all the way to London. They ended up getting on a plane to New York. Kelly describes his process for editing the piece and interviewing the boys.

Second piece is about a Nigerian woman who sings in public. Kelly interviewed her in public and had an awkward interaction trying to explain a joke to her. Kelly uses it as an example of what not to do, but also how to approach public interviews. Kelly also describes how Ireland has changed and documenting a Nigerian immigrant helps to preserve that time in Irish history. Kelly also talks about how American radio has influenced his productions.

Third piece is called The Meat Factory Earworm. Kelly talks to his coworker Richie Byrne who used to work in a meat factory. While working in the factory he sang to himself to keep himself sane.

Fourth piece is about John the Man who ran a local pirate radio station. Jim Wallace is narrating and Kelly uses the piece as an example of how the knowledge of local places can color a piece and make it more relatable to the audience.

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90.9 WMPG FM


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Producer's Showcase 10/05/2010